UFO's / Alien's - Partial Disclosure

    For those of you always wondering about the myths and whether what you hear is true or just gossip,
 turn your web browsers to the internet and do a google or web search for "FastWalkers" and download
 and watch the movie.
    If that is too technical for you then try looking it up on "Youtube"
	...it's available for viewing there as well...
   For you, this could be the one shred of evidence you have been seeking to establish faith that
 what you have been hearing is actually real and not a myth.   This movie brings out the truth until
 that day that total full discosure will be common knowledge.... 

...Can't sweep this one under the rug...
    Some may say that this movie is old but then ask yourself, how long has the knowledge of aliens
and UFO's been hidden from the public ??

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