The teachings of Bruno Groieng - Circle of Friends


  Some of you are still searching for Enlightenment, while other could just
settle for the truth - whatever it turns out to be.   Many people have
attended church for the majority of their lives and have never once had a
so-called Spiritual Experience.

   I have been searching for answers and enlightenment for the majority of
my life, and despite what I have thus experienced, my search still continues.

   In my search I have encountered an old german mystic healer named Bruno Groieng
whose teachings from germany and now in the US is beaming with testimonials from
those who have come in contact with his energy which is still alive and well today.

   The contact in Germany is "Loek"   ""  
 For Metro Atlanta, the contact is "Deanna Palumbo"  ""

 meetings are now being held online on your computer or cellphone on Saturday's
 or Sunday's depending on which group you want to participate in.

   There are probably local groups in your own area so feel free to inquire at the
email address listed above for direction and details...

  In addition, you do have to get attuned to the energy of Bruno Groieng in order to
enjoy and use his energy and it's all free.

  In the meantime, feel free to do a web or google search on him, or even watch
 Youtube video's about his life, teachings, and testimonials.

  ...Of course there are even several Facebook groups...


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