!! Cut that Cable Cord !!





Cut the Cord from Cable or Dish 


Looking to finally cut that cord and save your hard earned money

   ((originally called --> XBMC <--)) but now known as --> KODI <--

     try -->  Kodi or Openelec or Crystal Ubuntu or Kodibuntu  <-- try

  ((all are different flavors of XBMC))


  its a media center that is compatible across different platforms
 ...and it originated from a first generation "AppleTV box" believe it or not...
and now running on Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS devices
such as any TV with a streaming box, [Android, Google or Samsung TV's],
ios iphones, Android cellphones,ios ipads-tablets, Android tablets, 
Microsoft Windows App store, Apple MacOs App store, etc...

------------ I P T V ------------

IPTV is actual live tv channels streamed via the internet at a much much cheaper price than cable
and also most of the time includes over 3,000 channels both all the free, paid and all foreign
channels.   The service price for all these channels can be as cheap as $10 to $20 a month
and can be viewed on up to 5 different devices at the same time - depending on your vendor  
in comparison to what you are paying for just a fraction of those channels with your
cable provider and have to purchase service for each room or tv.
All you need to access this is a compatible device which is most of the
time just a smart tv, cellphone, tablet or a computer and internet of course.
Do a search for IPTV and see what it brings up, a whole new world basically...   
Everything is moving to internet accessibilty now.

------------ I P T V ------------

Content for kodi itself or the Iptv includes but not limited to Live TV, Free Cable Channels from all over the world 
including "ALL" the Paid and Pay-Per-View channels, Adult, NetFlix, all Movies old and new, 
almost all TV Shows On-Demand, radio stations from all over the world, Pandora, Youtube, Free PORN,

So you get all those paid channels that you pay you cable provider outrageous fees for as well as
every channel - free and paid - ever known, all over the world for less than $10 or $20 in most cases

let that sink in a little bit so you imagine what I'm saying
1,000 to 3,000 plus channels and no extra fees out of your pocket ever

yes !! yes !! - get your PORN fix here for those of you used to dishing out money for it online or on cable,
"FREE !! and no viruses or popups here ever !!", live sports like football, basketball, hockey, etc., yes !!, yes !!

Some live local channels even though some available channels are pre-recorded unless othewise noted 
local weather forcast for your area, no need for downloading torrents anymore and catching
viruses and spyware, but downloading and torrents is still available in some parts of KODI 
for those of you still wanting that but all of the above is free unless otherwise noted since
some services may still require an account as you would normally use them like Netflix...
-- all the entertainment you could ask for in one place --

So you are asking, where do I get this IPTV ?

Well an online browser search for IPTV should bring up a list of vendors and providers
but choose your provider carefully based on your device and platform
and like any other market, the vendors come and go with the times

Ebay sells IPTV services as well but still use the same caution when purchasing

I have a list of the few that I use, so email me and I'll pass them on

the main issue or complaint with most vendors are channels that buffer
so buyer beware

There is actual IPTV service for a low as $6/month but there's always a catch as we all know
 you pay in bitcoins if you are familiar with that new international currency
but just like anything else buyer beware because there are a lot of crooks cashing in on
new bitcoin unsuspecting purchasers

You can find the vendor and their site in your web searching so I won't spoil the fun
but if you still can't find them then feel free to email me...

--------- L O C A L ---- C H A N N E L S ---------

For those concerned about giving up cable and losing access to your local channels, no need to worry
because the antenna based local channels never went away totally.... They just got converted to
digital format so all you need is smart tv or flat screen tv and a digital antenna to access those
channels once again but buyer be ware...don't get a cheap antenna and think it's going to do the
job...as the saying goes - you get what you pay for...
Depending on your location as in - rural area - you may actual only get a couple of channels at best or
even no channels at all - so beware...
Depending on your tv you could get the entire channel layout just like the cable tv format with no 
addition work or effort.   I have a Sony tv and i get a complete guide lineup just like the cable providers
give you with no additional programming necessary.

N E W 

For those still looking for local channels beyond the antenna there is something new

L O C A S T . O R G

A new streaming iptv app that hopefully is here to stay

it has local channels available in all major US cities

the streaming app is available for almost any streaming boxes that you can buy

as well as devices like iphone's IOS, android of course, and many more
check out the website for more details

just look for ->  L O C A S T  <- in your app store

---------- L O C A L ----- C H A N N E L S -------

In the past couple of years the content offered by KODI has changed to something called custom builds meaning
the you don't have to go looking for apps to add to your boxes or devices just to stay up to date.
The custom builds have all the latest apps installed and all in one place for you to scroll thru
to find what you want to watch
Several builds that come to mind are: The beast, Misfitmods, Indigo,SpinzTV...an many more...
In addition there is also more stable internet TV called IPTV available and you can do a google search to
to find them but one of the most stable ones running on KODI is from Iks66.com and runs under the 
stalker client pvr in kodi.

Don't confuse this with the AppleTV, Roku, ChromeCast and other boxes that you can buy right
off the store shelves.  These boxes have to be converted and afterward
the prices jump to $150+ and $300+ and well worth it.   The conversions take some
computer know-how and not for a beginner because you could actually "cripple"
or "brick" you current box beyond repair during the process.
Converted boxes are available all over the internet in places like "Ebay" and 
probably "Amazon" as well but as usual - buyer beware...

So far the recommended box is the -> Nvidia Shield or Nvidia Shield Pro boxes for about $150
with no conversion necessary - straight android devices with the full Google-Play-Store and internal 
harddrives installed in them.  Just download and install KODI right from Google-Play-Store
also known as the google store for all android devices...
If you look close enough you will even see Kodi or XBMC support written on the outside of the boxes
meaning these devices are kodi ready

Kodi is now a standard app on many platforms and will auto-update so no need to uninstall 
old version to install a new version

The next recommended box is the -> Amazon Fire TV Stick with voice for $49 in stores which is
like a little 4 or 5 inch dongle hanging from the back of your tv but note the 
limited storage capacity meaning that XBMC or KODI in this case will run right from
the install or conversion but you don't have much storage capacity remaining.

For streaming or watching movies and flicks you don't need much more unless you are
actually downloading the videos onto the actual box which is possible.
You cannot upgrade the storage drives in the Amazon Fire TV Stick but it is very portable
for it's size - fits in your purse or pocket - and you can take it with you to a motel or 
friend's house and you have your own personalize internet entertainment device
as long as you have a flatscreen TV with HDMI and available wifi

There is now an ethernet modification kit for the Amazon Fire TV Stick that you can find on Ebay

In addition you could also consider the --> Amazon Fire TV for $99 maybe which is an actual mini
set-top box like an actual cable box with usb, ethernet, power, wifi, and hdmi connections.
 This box is very fast to say the least and may seem to be a little to quick for 
running KODI because the response to remote control keypad is almost instant and you find
yourself jumping in and out of KODI as well as other menus inside of KODI so keep that in mind.
Even though the box has no one/off switch and is made to stay on, it will burn out on you
really really quickly as I have learned the hard way.
This is in no way compareable to the old trusty AppleTV First Gen boxes which will virtually
run almost forever and only die of old age only as I have seen.

Last option is actually running KODI and IPTV on your flatscreen TV... Y E S .... Y E S ...but you need to 
have a full android tv set with google-play-store not the ones that have their own versions of the
google store with apps only running on their tv's or sets or devices.
So far only Sony and Samsung offer full android tv sets and the prices are steep but if you want
the real deal then the price is definately worth it...

I myself purchased the standard boxes and convert them myself and I have had a
few that are beyond converting, so all standard boxes cannot always be converted.
Some have bad video or bad ports on them, mainly the "AppleTV 1st Generation" boxes so in that
case you might want to consider buying the new "Amazon Fire TV Stick" new right off the
store shelf and make sure you buy the 2 or 4 year store insurance plan with it -
BestBuy and MicroCenter usual offers insurance plans for electronics and other stores might as
well.  The only issue with the Amazon Fire TV Stick in storage capacity which is
limited to 5 to 6 gigabytes right out the box but has a total of 8, some of it
already being used for pre-installed apps.

In either case be careful when running apps on either "AppleTV 1st Generation" or "Amazon Fire
TV Stick" because certain apps can actually render your device inopperable - noteably the
"Amazon Fire TV Stick" in this case.  As a backup I installed both the Amazon Fire TV App
and Apple IOS KODI App for the devices I was using which are available for free.

I had an Optimization App on my "Amazon Fire TV Stick" which actually "TURNED OFF" the 
bluetooth on the Device so my remote which came with the Amazon Fire TV Stick would not 
work at all.  Luckily I had the Amazon TV App Installed on my phone and I used it to turn the
Bluetooth back on otherwise my Amazon FIre TV Stick was inoperable and I would have
had to return it or swap it for another at the store and all my items installed on it would
have been lost and unrecoverable.


  If you have any questions just do a google search for  KODI or IPTV or any of the above different flavors
or send me an email at :--> sdruid11@yahoo.com 




  I myself am currently running KODI and IPTV on a "Sony flatscreen TV" as well as an Amazon Fire TV and Stick.
  : I also have KODI installed and running on my :

 Windows 7 PC's, Windows 10 PC's, Apple Iphone 7 Plus, Apple Iphone 6 Plus, Apple Ipad 2,and Apple Ipad 2 Mini
in addition to AppleTV 1st Gen, and Amazon Fire TV

 but for PC's I have to run hdmi splitter box and cables to my TV to view it on that if i don't want to watch it on my computer screen.

I haven't been to the movies in almost 8 years and I've downgraded to basic cable only for local stations
but also have a my Sony TV with AC powered digital antenna as a backup for local stations in case the cable goes out.   


I'm on my last year with cable after downgrading to basic cable since IPTV is starting
to provide more and more local channels even in my area so after this there will only be streaming
 via IPTV and KODI

R.I.P  cable


Finally, what you need for all of this free entertainment to work

--> Unlimited Internet or Data <--
--> Minimum 3 megabytes speed <--
 --> Flatscreen TV or LCD monitor with "HDMI" Connection <--
--> the older CRT's won't work for this unless they have a "HDMI" connection <--
--> A USB connection on TV or LCD monitor is optional but recommended <--

while on the topic of USB connections i should further introduce

V I D E O  -   C O N F E R E N C I N G

This has been possible on the Smart Flatscreen TV's which all have at least one or two usb ports
as well as the Nvidia Shield boxes which have usb ports as well
but not just any pc webcam will work
Logitech webcams are the most compatible webcams for android devices, even tv's
even though some TV vendors have their own specific webcams or camera's for their model and brand of tv's

so yes, technically you can Skype and Zoom from your SmartTV
I've tried a Logitech webcam on my Sony TV and it came right up without a fuss
when I ran a compatible android video conferencing app

- now back to your regular scheduled topic -


slower internet speeds will work for some items but you may notice a lot or a little buffering so it might not be suitable
but not everything buffers or pauses - depends on what you are watching or doing

The faster the speed - the better - for uninterrupted viewing


AT&T was unlimited at one time but considering a new 1 Terabyte data cap
but the new AT&T Gigabit Fiber is out along with Google Fiber with 
AT&T offering unlimited data depending on the promotion and internet speeds

Charter Spectrum is unlimited as well at this time

Comcast or Xfinity has a new 1 Terabye gigabyte DATA CAP - you go over and they will charge you extra for that month
and with the streaming from these boxes you will easily go over that limit if not very close
NOTE: For an extra $50 a month you can get UNLIMITED data or internet from
Comcast or Xfinity but they don't mention this in the beginning, they want you to sweat a little.

Clear Internet used to be unlimited and may still be but it requires a good signal cell tower since it uses
cellular 3G, 4G, and LTE data for internet just like your cellphone does.

Cut the Cable Cord

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