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  The following places offer:

    Free Dialup ISP -  Free Email -  Free Web Access

                   (But Newsgroup Access is not available)             
       !   F R E E     I N T E R N E T  !

   -->  Netzero       (
-->  Altavista                   
   -->  Excite        (
   -->  Freei         (
-->  Joi           (
--> Juno        (


   Primary site listing all free internet dialup services
!   F R E E     I S P    D I A L U P  !


   Are you unemployed, just starting out, or just don't have money 
  and you need medication, dental work, Vision work or insurance ?   
   You might consider the plans that this company offers...

    P E O P L E S     P R E S C R I P T I O N       P L A N

      They offer a discount card that provides savings on:            !     D I S C O U N T E D     !

                   Prescription drugs                                 !   P R E S C R I P T I O N   !  
                    Medical services                                  !        V I S I O N          !

                                                                      !         D E N T A L         !

 -->        (Official Site - Prescription)     !        M E D I C A L        !
 -->    (Dental plan)    
 -->          (Medical/Doctor Services) 



They are new and also provide prescription discount as well as online doctors
who can prescribe prescriptions in case you can't see you doctor or maybe
no longer have your insurance plan.

Yes, a prescription from an actual licensed doctor online



Looking for local doctors that make local house calls, then look not further
now available in some major cities
so far

Georgia, California, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington,
Maryland and the District of Columbia



F I N D I N G    O L D   O U T D A T E D   S T U F F    O N    T H E    I N T E R N E T

Have you ever had a piece of electronics or any item just die or fail on you and it may have been 10 years
old or maybe even more and you can't find it anywhere to buy at any store any more or even online for that matter ?
You just loved that item and wish you could just replace it with the same thing or something closely similar ?

Well if you have an Apple or ios device then you may be in luck.  

 There is an app called - PriceScanner - which will scourer the internet to find old or discontinued items or
something similar or close to it.
 The predecessor to this app was called - RedLaser - and i think it has long since been discontinued.
 Anyway, you can enter the name of the item or scan a barcode or Qrcode on the box or item if you still have it but
 the bardcode or Qrcode will give you a closer search and match.

  The App will then start its search of the internet and you may see results from places like Amazon, Walmart, Target,
Ebay, etc. just to name a few.

  But wait, the search doesn't end there if you didn't find what you are looking for, I saved the best for last.

I've been in your exact situation before many many time believe it or not, and the last place to look is one that
you would never think of - Ebay - yep, the little know secret now is that a lot of the discount stores even Goodwill,
Salvation Army, consignment stores, and lastly the large department store chains are dumping their excess on Ebay of 
all places for next to nothing.
Yep, real deals and bargains are to be had there now and Ebay will even offer you extended warranty on some of your 
purchases just like a real department store would.

  When you start your search don't be afraid to be specific.   You could be looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes 
  and you'll be surprised at what you can find.
  Be careful of companies and individuals selling stuff from China and the UK at unbelievable prices.   
You just have to change your search region from default which mean - anywhere - to North America or USA unless you just
 can't find what you are looking for anywhere else.

So now you know how companies dispose of their excess and old merchandise.
I've end up finding what I was looking for and stocking up for a couple years by buying a couple of what I found
so when I run into this situation again it would probaby be time to retire my device because it probabaly would
have served it purpose and finally time to upgrade.

If you are just new to shopping or just want to add on to it then you might want to consider Amazon and maybe get
a Amazon prime account if you don't already have one - not necessary but it would help.
They even have support for the low income if you can prove it in case you can't afford their full cost of membership.

Some advantages which some may or may not be aware of:
when placing an order 24 hours a day 24/7
the turn around time for receiving your items

- same day order and shipping and receipt of items  
- next day receipt of items..................       
- 2nd and 3rd day receipt of items................  
  - discounts off the pricing and volume discounts......

(Can't beat those receiving times at all and not even waiting for paint to dry)
(Ebay or no one else can do that unless you pay for Next day air or something at a steep price)

free returns of course on most items at designated locations
just drop off and forget basically
(Some places even handle the return packing for you)

Next, they cater to almost ever facet of life and industry as well so you can avoid shopping at those
specialty stores now because you can probably get the same items from Amazon as i quickly found out.

All you need to know is the name or make and model number of the item you are looking for or
a close match - that's it
And a Amazon search will try to match it for you

They even have a handy search filter that will come in handy over amd over again...

So avoid all the holiday and mall rush and shop from the comfort of your
computer or phone or tablet


R F I D  -  C H I P

Ever wondered about the new square chip that replaces the magnetic strip
on your new or reissued credit cards
well you should

They are called rfid chips and are constantly transmitting or broadcasting
your credit card info to whoever is able to pick it up
with an app on their cellphone, tablet, laptop or computer

remember those charges on your new credit card that you swore you never
made or never visited the city or store in question

yes that's correct, somebody standing or sitting within range hacked your
credit card without your knowledge

so go online on AMAZON or EBAY and order a 


Rfid credit card sleeve or protector


Rfid wallet


H D M I    V I D E O

a little known design flaw that you probably never notices or thought about   

Do you ever recall seeing hdmi jacks on computers, tv's, monitors, etc
ever being labelled as hdmi in / hdmi out ?

Maybe on a few but for the majority of devices the answer in ..NO..
so you could easily plug your laptop into your all-in-one home computer 
thinking that you could see your output there...not...

you would actually fry or short out both hdmi connections

so pay attention because unless it's really obvious and well known
 like a tv screen or a real computer lcd screnn - it won't work


L O O K I N G  -  F O R  -  A  -  M A C  - O R  -  A P P L E

Well, the title saids it all..  A good cheap mac or apple computer or device is
really hard to come by at a reasonable price
but don't give up just yet
There is still hope

M A C - O F - A L L - T R A D E S


Sometimes new and refurbished macs and other apple equipment for a reasonable price

 but wait you want that heavy doorstopper -> Mac Pro desktop <-
no problem, shipping used to be free and might still be
so you can afford to buy that beast and have it shipped to you

some items are still new with full or portions of the manufacturer's
warranty still intact


L O O K I N G  -  F O R  -  A  -  G O O D  -  C O M P U T E R  -  S T O R E

You are probably saying there is no such thing because you tried them all
but wait, have you really tried them all ??

Ever heard of Microcenter ??


There is usually one in or near most major cities
but what makes them so different compared to other stores ?

They actually honor their in-store warranty, and you don't have to
box up your defective or non-working device to return to the 
manufacturer for an exchange and wait months to hear back from them
You can take your return back to the store after the 15 or 30 days
return period YEARS later when your warranty period kicks in and get a store
credit that is good towards a replacement or anything else in the
store that you like - yes anything else in the store
in case you want to try out a different brand or type device 
or something different altogther

That's probably not what you're use to but rather the face to face
arguements at other stores when you try to return something and they refer
you to the manufacturer and you go thru the dreaded proccess of packaging
up your device to ship out wondering if the return proccess would be 
successful or whether they would actually repair your device and not return
it as a... L E M O N...

Try a new way to shop for computers and electronics


they not only sell you an item but they want you to be satisfied with it
or you can return it without any hassles
either within the 15 to 30 days 
or within your store warranty period

they are online and their website will direct you to a store near your 
city or you could shop online

reserve an item online and pick it up in a few minutes at you favorite location


One remote control to rule them all

yes that's correct

- Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Controls -

the company has just decided to stop making them but will still support them

so get yours while you can still find one

This remote controls up to 6 or 8 different devices ranging from

TV, DVD Player, streaming devices, home theater, VCR, etc

so this is one remote control you can't afford to lose since

it's not your everyday universal remote from the dollar store

nor is it cheap, but yet still very affordable at $100 or so

and sometimes cheaper depending on the model and special clearance sales as well

it has been around since the early 2000's with many different models

produced since that time

I actually own 4 or 5 of them myself especially when i started

getting into video and internet streaming boxes


   Looking for Money Saving Deals:

    and sign up for the free newsletter and travel deals: 
 !   M O N E Y    S A V I N G    D E A L S   !

 !       A N D    B A R G A I N S            !


   Looking for Credit Report info or a free report:

           !   C R E D I T     R E P O R T    I N F O  !



More free credit reports as well as online bank account

C r e d i t  - K a r m a


New to the scene and slowly growing to include online bank accounts
checking and savings

and free monitoring of your credit


   For your internet privacy concerns including software         
  and website links.

 **-->                                                   !   I N T E R N E T     P R I V A C Y   !

   Surf the web anonymously without giving up your privacy



Still struggling with an external backup drive in case your computer crashes ?
or a raid system in your computer because you don't actually have a real server ?
Still running that buggy Windows server with security holes and god forbid you get hacked again ?
or the remote desktop connection that only allows one connection at a time ?
Time to step up to something new, a new generation of servers called a NAS box

...Try a Synology NAS...


Prices have dropped and they are very affordable depending on where you purchase one from
but I'll bring up one source to get you started --> A m a z o n
and you can even purchase up to 4 year extended warranty for the box since you only get
a year or 2 from the manufacturer
how's that for a deal

So you are saying what is a NAS box ?

it's basically a computer with no screen that is only accessible via a lan or network connection
you connect it to your network and pull up a computer app or browser and point it toward the network
address of your new box but there's free support software now that takes care of the connection and setup

If you've forwarded the appropriate network ports, you can then access it from anywhere on the internet
so it's not just confined to your local network, its a real server

So you ask, what all can I do with this box ?

Well, it's basically a unix box but it's windows, mac, and unix friendly and probably a few other 
systems as well but just those for starters

For those systems you can use it as a

File server - map a network drive to your nas box and safely store data

PXE server - install windows or other software from your nas box
          no more flipping discs or making booting usb drives
             or you may not even have a cdrom drive in your machine

Vpn server - logging remotely and access files and your account and
              forget those microsoft remote desktop connection multiple logon limitations

             Tftp server - use your nas box as a voip server for ip phones

         Surviellance server - for running and managing ip cameras in your network

Domain name - free domain name and setup for the life of your box

Virtual machine server - run windows inside your box as a virtual machine
                 and just like using a regular windows pc

DHCP server - let your nas box function as a router or just a backup

Photo backup - backup those cell phone pictures to your nas box with
              supplied software apps and never worry about losing them or your phone

Free website - all included in the software packages of your nas

Backup server - for your computer especially windows

The list goes on and I'm probably only scratching the surface

domain, group policy and active directory items also include for those wanting
to keep compatibility with Microsoft Windows server

--- Possible real life scenario ---
(you're running Microsoft Windows) 

(so enough dreading the famous BOD - blue screen of death)

(and the faulty windows updates that crashes your machine)

(or a harddrive crash of your primary windows drive)

--- Welcome to peace of mind ---

Note:  Harddrives are not included with your purchase which is why the
advertisements usually say - DISKLESS
and you will need a minimum of 2 drives


   Looking for good prices on computer hardware and software    
  as well as deals and some freebies, try these sites and while
                                 you are there - signup for updates on their mailing list:                              
       !  G O O D    P R I C E S   O N   C O M P U T E R   !  

       !     H A R D W A R E    A N D    H A R D   T O   F I N D   I T E M S  ! 
                                  specifically looking for harddrives or cdroms ?                        


P R I Z E   O F F E R S   online in email and text messages

I'm sure you've seen them and sometimes wondered if they are really real
or just too too good to be true 
and the answer is usually -> too good to be true <-

you can usually tell when you click the link and get what seems
like hundreds of redirects to different sites before getting you
to the actual site that's suppose to award you your prize
but wait, they want personal info from you

--> beware of what info you provide online <--

give them -->

-->  Your phone number and you will get spam and telemarketer calls
for as long as you keep that number

-->  Your email address and you will get spam for as long as you own
that email address but luckily in most cases you can direct
them to your spam folder if you email account has that

-->  Never ever give out your - SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER - no matter what
even if threatened or you are  T O A S T  basically
- that is the beginnings of "identity theft" basically
and you just made it easy by giving out your most prized info

-->  Phone calls from numbers with Callerid names as -V################
- thats the new wave of phone scammers and identity theft 
block them if you can

Anyone with the right software and equipment can change their callerid
info on the fly to be whatever and whoever they want

 S P O O F I N G 

as well as take control of your phone number - spoofing - amd have all of your
calls ring to another number and not to yours

so before you answer your phone and start to give out personal information
be sure you know who is on the other end of the phone
especially someone asking for personal info right off the bat
or saying something is wrong with your 


You can call your real provider to verify any of that 
or just go online and login to verify
In most cases you would have already receive a letter in the mail
verifying any of the above issues instead of an actual phone call
asking for money on a gift card (most popular scam)

Yes the dreaded letter in the mail but at least it is legitimate


 Many sites offer free email, but with no Dialup isp:

                            -->  Hotmail    (Most Popular)     
                         !    F R E E      E M A I L    !

   -->  Yahoo
          -->  Google ( ? )


       Many sites offer free Mp3 music for downloading:                       
  (To get a current list of sites - do a web search for "File sharing")

   -->  Napsters     ( (defunct)
   -->  Kazaa
   -->  Winmx
              -->  Morpheus        
      !   F R E E     M U S I C     !

       !   F R E E     S O F T W A R E   ! 

   -->  DC++

  -->  Bitorrent     (most popular one now and)
                    (companies even use them) 
   Note: Please beware of Hackers and use a personal firewall program
         to protect your computer while you are connected to Napsters.
         I recommend that you use the personal firewall all the times.


  Many sites offer search engines:

   -->  Lycos        (
                            -->  Infoseek     (                      
                      !   W E B      S E A R C H    !                  
    -->  Yahoo        ( 
                               -->  Google       (                           
                   !         S I T E S           !               


  Many sites offer free webpages with sizes ranging from 5 to 20 megs:    
             -->  Geocities  (Most Popular - defunct)       
                                !   F R E E     W E B S I T E S   !                               

   -->  Yahoo Geocities (


  For those seeking other ways of accessing Newsgroups, there are sites
   that offer Free Usenet Newsgroup Access:

                             !   F R E E   N E W S G R O U P S   !

-->  Dejanews    

The only isp that I'm aware of still offering Newsgroup access with 
your email account is

 E a r t h l i n k 


with servers on both the east and west coast


  For free software, try the following sites: 

       -->          (Largest Multi-OS public domain archive)

    !   F R E E     S O F T W A R E   !

     (dating back a decade)


  In addition, everything you ever wanted to know about Open nntp servers
   available at:


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