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 One 3.5" floppy was what was too be considered evidence and even then very flawed... 
It was the boot disk to a PC Computer game called "Testdrive", written by Accolade.
That's was what I supposedly got terminated for which I made a copy of the disc
for someome else in the lab where we worked and we all played that game at the same lab there.
I guess to them that is pirating software ??? 

 for some reason the GBI chose no to pursue it further or press charges, not that there 
was actually any evidence that could've stood up in a court of law.... 

Not to mention that I and others knew of people who did nothing but pirate software and 
they weren't even considered as part of the investigation.... 

  Of course, they also thought that I had access to and was using a SuperUser Unix account 
with full sysadmin priviledges.....couldn't be proven either... 
 My only contact with the account was via a Flaw/bug in the Unix operating system which 
I had later found.....and in this case, I was terminated over an "Operating system bug".
  While working in the lab, I and several other students had created user account aliases
which we linked to our primary user accounts and used the aliases when sending emails as
a shortcut.  
 The bug in the Unix Operating system we were using was that, when sending emails an alias 
was matched with other user accounts in the entire system thus multiple emails were sent
out as a result.

  I sent an email to a friend by the alias "Stormbringer" letting him know that I had received
the password to a Unix game that he installed on the system...i.e.  I have the password.
  That email was also sent to an account called "Mstorm" - the supposed illegal superuser
account, with the same message "I have the password", and I guess you can imagine how guilty
the "Georgia Bureau of Investigation" thought I was at that point and time, without any further
investigation from then on.

 No one cared to investigate or consider my findings, case was already consider finalized.

  The "Georgia Bureau of Investigation" Dug up my entire family history, wiretaps on my phone,
 surveillance, undercover operative sent in (Plant), traffic tickets coming out the wazoo..., 
prospective employers deciding not to hire me, Faculty and staff avoiding me like the plague, 
the works... 

  I wasn't quite a U.S. Citizen at the time and only had a green card and a social security card, 
and the investigating 
agent asked me about that (don't remember everything I told him) 
and inquired whether I would be filing the papers for Citizenship 
 in the future.... 
During an interview there at the school the agent presented me with a stack of paper a couple
of feet tall saying that was the evidence they had against me.

Of course, I fed the same evidence (which was none) right back to him. Then he said that my boss
,a woman, was going to "fire me" - I never got notice that I was ever fire and that was about it.  
 He led me back to the lab where I worked and I gathered up a few things and another guy who
worked at the school as one of campus security officers pulled out some things out of a table
drawer and produced a floppy disc which he claimed was evidence.
I let them think what they thought and i left that job and never came back, 
I was supposed to be getting fired right ???
The same agent who was investigating me said that he was my protector
 and that "I should be holding my head up" when he
was leaving me and he left wearing mirrored sunglasses...

 So, I had basically become "Unwanted" or "Damaged Goods"...up till today.... nothing has 
changed since then.... 

  During the investigation, I had began conducting my own investigation and learned things about
the:  Computer Lab, Current System Administrator, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Other People
      working in the Lab, The SuperUser Unix Account, Previous System Administrators, Other
      Places where Investigations were conducted, Other unknown Security issues at Southern
      Tech, etc.
  Pretty much more than I ever wanted or even needed to know and a much bigger picture 
regardless.    I had already been terminated from my job from day one of the investigation and
  I found out that the "Georgia Bureau of Investigation", working with the current "System
Administrator" on the Investigation were only interest in "Nailing" someone as opposed to 
exploring other security issues which existed at that time.    
  Thus, reversing the decision of my "Termination" wouldn't make them look too good at all, nor 
did it appear an option (considering what I had found out from my own investigation about the
School, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the Current System Administrator) at which point
I quit giving "Information" to the "Georgia Bureau of Investigation".

  I found out that the SuperUser Account had been in existence long before the "Current System
Administrator" even took the position and had been somewhat common knowledge among some of the 
"Higher Ranking/Level Computer Operators".   Thus that account and maybe others, along with 
quite a few things had been in existence and going on - right under the nose of the "Current
System Administrator" the whole time.    In my case, knowing all of this, I didn't see the use
of getting my job back and working under the "Current System Administrator" since it could all
happen over, and over, and over again, until "She"...i.e. Current System Administrator...did
her job, which it appeared she was not doing, especially after taking over the position after 
someone else and not knowing much about the system she was going to be administering.
    I learned from my own Investigation, that none of this should have ever happened, nor  
should I even be writing any of this - if the "Current System Administrator" had been doing
her job.
  Before it was all over,  One of guys I had worked with (Also a Computer Operator) pretty much
 broke down, confessed, and immediately got "immunity".
  Regardless of that, my status was still "Terminated"

The agent that investigated me did say that anyone who confessed would get "immunity" but
 I ended up being the only one who was "Terminated".    Case was closed.

  In addition, A polygraph test was administered to me while I was taking medication for
 "Mental illness" as well as during the initial shock of the investigation, so that should shed 
 some light on the accuracy of the "Test Results".

  I supposed I'm being punished (even until today) for the indiscretions of my younger days, or 
 my past history, despite the circumstances involved.

  You are only give one chance to make a first impression.  My chance is long gone leaving me
with only a past history and reputation - The things you carry and keep with you for life.
  Mine is tarnished beyond repair because in America, there are some things you just don't fix,
you just carry them the way they are...i.e...a "Bureau Record".
  The punishment has made me a free man, since I am unwanted, unimportant and have no
responsibilities - what more could I ask for ???

  Things could've turned out a lot worse since there were many times in my younger days where I 
should not have even lived to see today, experiences not to be repeated in my lifetime.

 In conclusion, I'm glad this is over for the most part, but of course I now have a Record with
the "Georgia Bureau of Investigation" and not sure about a young supposed "Federal Bureau of Investigation"
special-agent who also said he was investigating me.
When the supposed FBI special-agent left, he pretty much said another agent would be coming back to 
investigate me or visit me later on years later I guess...

they will always be watching me regardless of how 
this case turned out because a record with the "Bureau" is for "Life".
  They have my respect for how they handled the case, and I hope our paths never have to cross
this way again ???    I will try to enjoy what left of my life because as you see the remainder of
it will be monitored under watchful eyes....visits from other agents...

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