G r e e t i n g s


To all job offers for IT and other positions please note the
GBI polygraph results in a separate section of my website.

:Forward all requests to:

 Special Agent Wayne Smith of the GBI
 Special Agent Joseph Norton of the FBI 

who investigated me back in the early 90's at 
Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU)
in Marietta, Georgia
Kennesaw State University
for computer crimes 

notably supposedly hacking into the school academic
computer system to change student grades and I made the
front page of the school newspaper
thus I've had my few minutes of fame being a scapegoat
when there was no one else available for the position
and shunned by my co-workers
strangely enough as word got around, the guilty party in the investigation
got immunity while I got the axe, how does that work ?
and what's to stop it from happening again ?

As I mentioned, I've had so many offers for IT positions and others
but I have to say that I'm no longer seeking a position to be the
scapegoat, puppet, or laughing stock for your company or organization
since I've already had my few minutes of fame and think that is
enough for one lifetime.

I remember those offers for jobs that I've always wanted and they address me as
MISS/MRS....wow female Gender....Impressive
and then offered a place in their

 "Who's Who Publication for Professional Women"

Wow...didn't realize I was that popular and well known as a female
With that kind of fame, the witness protection program would be a JOKE....
So, do you think I would look good in a dress or a skirt ?

I'm sure the agents mentioned above or others will be able to forward your
requests to more suitable candidates

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes
and I've sure made my share believe me but hopefully
at this point in life I've would've already paid my dues


I now surrender my title as....ahh forgot...
you can't surrender your title as a Scapegoat or Female or Gender Confused or Ex-con in America
You've earned it for life

just like a GBI or FBI investigation

- it's for life -

they never get rid of the wiretaps and electronic surveillance on
your phone and other devices

- it's for life -

- not even a pardon or getting cleared of charges will get rid of this -

- sorry people but I wasn't born yesterday or even the day before -

?? So who was it out there again that wanted to hire me ??

I'm still always dreading that moment after looking over my shoulders and
in the rearview mirror all these years that I get that tap on the shoulder

first they address me (hopefully as a male) and then
- will you please come with us sir -

?? nailed as yet another scapegoat and which job was this one from ??

....thought this was over as people keep trying to convince me....
sorry but I wasn't born yesterday or even the day before

- this is for life -

In a sense, I'm almost like one of those government agents
never coming in from the cold
 - never -

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