original picI'm originally from Nigeria, but grew up here in GEORGIA since the
age of 2 or 3. I grew up in the small southern town of FORT VALLEY,
Georgia....... PEACH COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF '1984....

I first attended "IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY" in Ames, Iowa [1984-1987] as an
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major. Later when my father refused to fund my
continued education any further. I dropped out and moved to the Maryland,
Washington D.C., Virginia area where I worked to pay off an a student loan
which I had taken out from "Iowa State University" to continue my education
In the process of working, I burned myself out physically and down to a
pulp where I couldn't even function from day to day. I was later diagnosed
with depression and schizophrenia for which I have been taking medication
ever since until today. As the saying goes, a man's got to know his
limitations and I had to learn that the hard way unfortunately but life goes on.

   In 1989 I moved back to Georgia, and after paying off my initial
student loan, transferred to "SOUTHERN POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY"car pic 1

in Marietta, Georgia... (now KENNESAW STATE UNIVERSITY)... where I pursued a degree in "Computer Science" and "Electrical Engineering"....

   I dropped out in 1997 and later transferred to "DEVRY UNIVERSITY " in Decatur, Georgia
in 2006 where I completed a degree in "Computer Science" and "Technical Management" in 2007.

I am currently on Social Security Disability - on and off - since 1990 to current.

.....I am both Multi-lingual and Multi-talented....
58 years old, black male, 5'11", about 200 lbs, salt and pepper hair with strands of
white/gray here and there, a self-described Computer Techie.
I am Slim build and can still pass for a High School student sometimes, and yes I do get "CARDED".

E M P L O Y M E N T    H I S T O R Y        

                                                                         Computer Programmer, Computer Operator, PC Technician, car image 2
Laser Printer Tech, Electronic Technician, Telecom Technician, Network Technician.

Voip telephony tech, Point of sale equipment tech
My resume is available in a separate part of my webpage as well as occupational
info, and other information about myself.


I like New Age stuff, Reiki, movies, Mp3's, Sy-Fy, gadgets, electronics,
exotic cars, sports cars, and in my spare time, and as a hobby, I build, repair,
and upgrade computers and laptops - as well as tinkering with various types of
Electronic Gadgets here and there, network projects and some home improvement.


For those of you wondering about my personal life, i'm mostly interested in a Woman - White, foreign...Asian, indian, korean, etc...

female….. Older mature granny bbw…., or sugar mamma….. who can tolerate or put up with me i guess...

iso a older mature granny bbw or sugar mama, a swinger maybe, would be just perfect I guess since I don’t mind being wined and dined

and of course would be able to take care of me and support me since I’m just a single poor foreign guy….

….For those of you wondering - no I eat at the “Y” but use my fingers instead or just laying hands on so to speak…

sorry about that but maybe if you try it you might like it…. orgasm yes…. some call it the - lightning-…..

no kids sorry, I’m kinda beyond that now unless you twist an arm that I really don’t have…hahah….

I guess I always fantasized about female swingers who are a couple and exclusive….you only live once you know…

guess I’m a little verse in the lifestyle and know just enough to be dangerous….you tell me ??

I'm guess i'm just a regular guy who hasn't really seen the world except from the front of a computer screen...

I explore reiki with my hands as well as using it to stimulate instead of oral......Started out as research....I am a Reiki Master......

….yes I have a few health problems and a older mature granny is the best that I can do….

I was introduced to swingers and the swinging lifestyle back in the early to late 90's after surfing the internet of course and have only conversed with a couple of them in my time. That's my extent of culture and a diverse group of people other than traveling to a couple of states in the USA.

For the most part, I'm actually rebuilding both my life and credit after a bankruptcy. So it'll be many years down the road before my life is back together again

Life here in the USA is all about credit or money... things that i don't have any of right now but maybe one day i

could actually have a life and fit in like everybody else....

current pic

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