M e m o r a b l e ------- P a s t------E x p e r i e n c e s


To those wondering about my past associations better left forgotten as in ex-boss and ex-girlfriend
only a couple come to mind since I haven't had a terribly bad life on most accounts


First one is one of my ex-bosses determined to keep me off of social security disability, trying to convince

me that I wasn't sick at all, and always bragging how he had the son of a

college professor working for him

while i was working at his
family owned telecommuncations company.

I ended up having to drop out of school completely just to work for him

I watched and observed a lot while I was working there and all I could do sometimes is just

shake my head in disbelief , especially
moments when he would duck around corners and start chanting and invoking spells probably for
voodoo and calling demons as I thought, even though he would stress to me that he was a christian man.
Later I would witness visitors to his company and some of them accompanied with bibles,
probably not for preaching but more to protect themselves from my ex-boss
I did my research online with my sources at that time and they confirmed that he was some sort of
voodoo priestess masquerading as a christian man but maybe he just had special powers
of the dark nature of course,

so I had finally uncovered who or what he really was after working a couple of years for
him in the late 90's and early 2000's
?? what a shock ??

....and his wife was even in on it too, a tag team match....


-- So let's see his goals --

** He actually got me kicked off of the "social security disability" that I was on so I could work full time for **
his company with no income earning limits trying to convince me that I wasn't sick.

** He got me to leave the "government subsided Section-8" apartment that I was living in to move in with my **
mother by claiming to her that I was there trying to harm myself

** He tried to convince me that I shouldn't be taking my medication and getting them from the pharmacy **
that I wasn't really sick but actually "GAY" and kept asking me what medication I was taking
he was controlling me via the medication that I was taking whenever I took it

Everyone working for this guy's company lived in a Section-8 housing, apartment, low income or

something comparable...and I guess his reputation would be compromised if anyone found out

that I was living in same type of living arrangement being his top technician

that he would introduce to everyone and it made perfect sense...

I would talk to the people working for him the longest and they would complain about how he

would the change the pay so they couldn't afford their car payments or rent

** He also insisted that I shouldn't ever spend $20, that I was showing guilt of some sort when spending **
that amount of fixed money, and that some of my material items would cease to function for me as a result

** Knowing that I usually take me medications so I wouldn't hear voices, he would insist that his "SPEAKERS" **
would be on so that everyone could audibly here what I was thinking and saying on a loudspeaker and constantly
terrorizing me that way and I would always be constantly wondering if anyone could hear me

** That was his so-called power, using those "SPEAKERS" to control someone **
since he could turn them "on and off" at will from wherever he was

** He tried to convince me to buy a new vehicle or spend big money all the time or every year **
since the proceeds
would go towards his company or as he calls it - paying the devil

** I remember when he and his wife literally scream at me when I was at work one day at his **
company when they discovered that I actually had money in my pockets and I that shouldn't have
anything at all, that I should be spending everything I have

** He would send demons to break my electronics or even my vehicle wanting me to claim that it was **
and that it was time to purchase a new one and again proceeds would go to his company
-- things don't just break for no reason as I discovered --

** He was always trying to find out where all my money and income was coming from so I would only have **
money coming from his company and nowhere else otherwise he would stop that income flow
and if I had other jobs he would make sure that I would lose them
and no one could ever leave his company according to that

** He would also try to convince me in public that I was "GAY" and have people at a clients location laughing **
at me indicating that my "elevator doesn't go up and down " by standing by an actual elevator that was broken
and also indicating that I should
have a baby and pay child support or even marry someone and pay for them to live

** There was one occasion that I remember, I wasn't going in to work one day because I was almost out of money**
and i remember the phone call I made or that the company called me which I stated my situation saying that I
basically had no money and couldn't make it in to work that day.
He indicated that if i met him somewhere he would fill up my tank with gas and give me some money
and of course I was overjoyed not knowing that it was just a trick to get me to come in to work.
I met him somewhere and he did fill up my tank with gas with a credit card but gave me no money whatsoever to
put in my pocket staying that I could make it in to work now that I had no excuse.

** Of course there were the occasions where he would cause constant damage to my vehicle causing me to **
make constant trips to the auto repair shop and of course I ended up repairing and finally replacing
vehicle after vehicle after vehicle
so that was where my money was going and I pretty much figured out what was going on eventually

** I remember on one occasion the wife mentioning how the IRS had been giving them trouble **
and she mentioned that they had to hide behind a payroll company in order for us to get paychecks
and of course I'm wondering why anyone would have to hide like that to do payroll ?

** Next of couse he would brag constantly about a "cable" deal gone bad and how he was investigated by the
FBI and how innocent he was and how the other people involved had just mysteriously harmed themselves
by no fault of his of course
and how he managed to still stay in business and his customers or clients not dropping him like hot potatoes

** Sometimes I guess you could recall having sudden health issues when you were seemingly perfectly
healthy and just could explain it. And of course having to go the doctor constantly for one thing and
another all of a sudden, and again you were supposed to be perfectly healthy,
Well of course you guess it, it was him and hopefully you weren't paying him for protection of any sort.

** Of course I have many more stories to tell but I will leave it at this for the moment**

-- So let's see his goals --

a war waged there within the company since he didn't really care for me other than me being able to
make money for the company since the company had never been able to keep a technician on staff
there were the spiritual attacks which i endured since he knew that I was into reiki and
he was into the dark stuff

dark and light don't mix

there was also the memorable attempt to render me impotent and limp below the waist as a result of
a company argument.
My ex-boss claimed that he want to hug and makeup when it was actually and attempt to get close
enough to hit me with a bolt of his voodoo energy aimed below my waist.
when we hugged I felt a jolt of energy and he was laughing and it was obvious why
it took me a few years of being labelled as gay by society as well as from ex-girlfriends to recover
at one point I envisioned a demon holding it's head up from my waist area and then vanishing
so he must have appointed a demon to guard that area making sure that I stayed limp
....but as usual, my reiki prevailed....

...so many attacks, so little time to tell all the stories...

dark and light don't mix

appears like he was going thru a lot of trouble to try to mold the perfect technician for his company

but no longer limp below the waist so society can continue to label me as usual
....some things never change...

I had heard many tales of my ex-boss chasing after previous techs who had supposedly left the company
but only to end up right back where they left off, working for my ex-boss again
even heard the same of longtime employees supposedly getting a new job and yep
they either never left or ended up right back there
he has a team of demons supposedly guarding his company so that no one can ever leave
and i have encountered them in my time there

it was almost like a soap opera, the tales and history of dark doings of the company from the older days
One day still in the early 2000's, I decided that I had had enough and loaded my few tools and things in my
car to bid the company farewell

I was going back to school to finish my degree

when I left the company, they owed me $2,700+ in backpay that they just didn't have to pay me
and they called themselves keeping a running tab so that it would all be out in the open
but one day they called me into the office and stood there together stating that they were sweeping all of that
info on backpay under the rug and starting fresh with a clean slate - they claimed they didn't owe me anything
...what a shock...
?? what happened next ??

they hired a new employee
and then bought a new refrigerator for the break room
...all while watching me with smiles on their faces...
?? So is this the kind of company you would want to Work for or even Return to Work for ??

when pressed on the matter, they replied on how they had kept my health insurance
...active during that time period...
so they kept me healthy enough to work for them but not pickup a paycheck for myself
...or enough money to be able to leave the company...

.....So here I am today.....

- My turn now i guess -

my ex-boss has been chasing me for years now with voodoo since I had left his company
making sure i couldn't get a job any place else if i wanted one
and I'm sorry to say, I just can't picture myself working for a voodoo priestess
...maybe a different tech may suit his needs...


Next would come Ex-girlfriends


just a few words to add here for now

...no i'm not gay as portrayed...

...sorry people...

...and no I don't swing that way ever...

just labelled by a certain broke gold-digger ex-girlfriend just trying to get back at me

for "social points" for freezing up during a "threesome" and not spending all my money on her....

desperate measures for desperate people as the saying goes...

wonder where she is getting money from now ??

....not from me obviously....

... lol...

My Ex will always be my Ex.... I never look back, only forward...

if you happen to be on that list, watch me continuously waving bye bye...

.. lol...


Next, a strange visit somewhere


I visited a psychic while living in Maryland once.
I had never been to a psychic before and saw her sign while cruising one day.
Not too far from where I use to live in maryland which was just minutes
from downtown DC off the beltway
Near one of the University of Maryland campuses that I was trying to attend
So I said I would stop by and see what she was all about.
There was a white ford mustang saleen with red stripes maybe parked outside
There were maybe 2 or 3 payphones in front room
and a hallway to the right leading to a main room
I only remember bits and pieces maybe
She said I had no luck with women (I never even had a woman at that point…ok)
and maybe a dark cloud hanging over me.
She said I had to bring her handkerchiefs and some silver dollars… ok.
She asked me if it was cold ? Trick question right, it was winter time and
cold outside so I said yes it was of course.
Questions questions questions and then taking my hand and rubbing on her chest as she uttered
some things she said that I had to do when I left her, seemed like what everybody did
in their every day life so I didn’t even remember what they were…I said ok.
Of course finally the final finale….
She asked me what was the most money I ever made in my life and I said maybe $1000 or something.
Then She started yelling and showed me a bottle that had some kind of maybe root in it
and said I had to pay the devil but that I owed her $1500….and still yelling ….
Woah… I was freaking out then…
I left and came back the next day and brought back
about $400 or $500 in bills and change…
all the money I had in my name at that point and never went back…

I do remember her saying never to mention this to anyone and now I think I know why,
she was really scamming me...

Yep, I had no luck with women alright and I guess this was the first proof…
I had just given a pretty psychic lady all the money I had to my name …lol…


In Continuation from one of my ex-bosses

I think I actually "turned" this guy and a few year earlier before

he moved to Covington, Georgia...I think he workshipped the "devil"...

I was sitting in the backseat of his green car and my assistant who was a woman was

sitting in the front

passenger seat next to him and we were coming back from a job where they guys there were

hummoring me when he wasn't around - giving me an office and showing how to be a

manager and running things, and I spent the time laughing before he showed up...


He suddenly started staring at me with golden or light brown sunglasses when we were close

to our office that overed the otherside of the interstate...and my eyes started watering a little

And I just started staring back at him - locking gaze....and he stopped staring....

we were in the parking lot and I went into the office and he came bolting into the front

door and straight to the back where I was like he was on drugs on something

and that's all I remember....nothing else happened that I can remember now

its been a while


he was gay too and supposedly had many "body doubles" that looked like him

that were supposely both gay and straight

I met one of them and had a pleasure of touching him

- his wrists area were "ice cold" like he wasn't even living -

and I was a little shocked but now I know why - "body double"..


one of the instances before he hugged me to send power down my leg to render
me impotent, I think I figured out why he did it
- I probably discovered who he was by accident -
one of my spirit friends who I seem to hear from time to time hit him with a bolt of something

and he seemed to change
he looked like a crippled old man struggling to walk and maybe with a limp
- I was getting close -
Later second, at one of the jobs I went to to pick up equipment he changed again
when I met him there instead of following him and we disagreed about something
and he seemed to change twice
- he looked like a tired crusty old "Merlin" the wizard -
yes, he looked like an average size "Merlin" the wizard from the myths
...somehow I thought i knew how a "Merlin" looked now
- I don't know how - and i remember back to that instance...


Also remember one instance when I went with him and maybe his wife to a bank

in Conyers, Georgia off a main road - maybe dogwood or 138 or something

when he was having trouble meeting payroll which happened on and off...

I sat in the parking lot and waited for them for a couple of hours and he would

come back and forth to the car and just say they were still working on something...

then finally they would come back to the car after waiting hours and we left

....don't know what that was all about and that's all I can remember about that...

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