C o m p u t e r --- V i r u s e s -- R e v i s i t e d



For those wondering about the quiet before the storm on the computer news front,

you have a right to wonder because the threat still remains after it was revealled about 5 to 8 years ago

when you heard news of your local and city government's computer systems being compromised

causing them to close for days or maybe weeks at a time

So far, this is the threat of all threats

All files on your computer compromised with a ransom request for a large sum of money but

only a 50% or less chance of getting your data back even if you pay the ransom


Ransomware comes disquised in innocent looking emails with an attachment

so beware as you click to open those attachments

they are sometimes hidden in zip files so that virus scanners can't detect them readily


This is a uncureable cancer for your Computer, Server or Computer Network


Guard your computers well and forget the cheap antivirus software offers you see on

websites or in your inbox

Get ransomware protection

There are probably a few companies offering the software protection now


One of the top softwares available now

-- M A L W A R E B Y T E S --

get it now and thank me later



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