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...Under Investigation by the Bureau since early 90's and still have wiretaps and bugs on my phones and computers... !!! Don't ever get in trouble folks !!!
... I am a Disabled Citizen of the United States of America and being discriminated against by the citizens of the USA as noted by American Disabilities Act and can be CONFIRMED by the known wiretaps and surveillance conducted by law enforcement agencies of the United States Of America since and before my actual investigation began until current so all communications of all types have been monitored and recorded by the known Agencies Identity Theft has been going on the past several months and probably actually began last March 2023. All electronic accounts and items have been hacked or known hacked including email accounts, computers, phones and anything requiring internet access and communication so beware…. …………..… - thank you for your cooperation !! ……….…….
………….. it appears that I’ve had a long history of given unplanned …”dry rub”…”dry humping”…, etc for many years giving the impression of being gay or not straight which range from various biological symptoms in other females mainly from my very first girlfriend to current …..about a 50 year time period ……most of my adult personal dating life basically…. Maybe actually earlier than I was aware of……not sure…. most or some of them no real physical contact ever beyond clothing - and yes I remember people just wanting to “touch” me for some reason years back…. Not sure if it has anything to me being a “Reiki Master” of several different types and performing various forms of “touch healing”…. So yes, I am disabled and probably in more ways than I actually imagined or knew about or aware of what it actually means now…most of these incidents occurred while still practicing Reiki….. I did however confirm my very last incident of a direct orgasm stimulation in a female “last girlfriend” which was an experiment in Reiki and not really planned….. She called it the “lightning” and was usually “shaking” on the bed when she got her response and would push my hand away so she could enjoy it !!!

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Quick Computer Technology Tips

New Printers

I suppose some of you may have been in the market for a new printer and have discovered that
you have to be really specific and detailed now in what you purchase.
The new thing is that some of the newer printers only work with certain computers or laptops
now, especially Apple or MacOS.
If you have an older Mac then your Desktop or laptop will not work with a newer printer unless
of course it can install and run the latest MacOS or something close to it
otherwise you are just out of luck and have to buy a new Mac computer.

With Windows you are usually fine except for the problem of finding drivers for your specific
desktop or laptop.

So Windows is a bit more flexible and usually supports most printers except for the really old ones.

So, watch out and don't get rid of your old printer unless you have a good reason to or you just can't
find drivers for it or it's not supported at all.

Old Monitors

Some of you may have older vga or hdmi moitors laying around for emergencies but you may discover that they might not work when hooked to a newer pc either Mac or Windows. Yep, you usually get the "Scan out of range" error message or "Resolution out of range" error message. So those monitor will probably only work on an older PC or Mac unfortunately and may actually be totally useless to you. So check your old monitors or even tv's with vga or hdmi ouput because they might be just taking up valuable space for nothing.